Folding and bagging for cents per t-shirt?

Do you know what 100 t-shirts looks like?  Might seem like an odd question…But if you don’t, chances are you’ll be keen to learn how you can get folding and bagging for only CENTS per t-shirt.

When you start out creating your custom apparel for the first time, you might not have thought ahead about how you’ll store the garments, and more importantly how you’ll distribute them out to your customers or your team. 

Coming up with a solution for storage and distribution is a totally normal part of the apparel journey, however it is something which is often left to “work out as you go along”…and can ending up costing a lot of time and effort in double handling.

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Goodbye Plastic Bags, HELLO Custom Printed TOTES!

As we all know – single use plastic bags have been phased out across the country, and good riddance!  Enter stage left, custom printed totes for YOUR BRAND!
Personally it’s still a bit of a mental exercise to ensure I have enough bags on me whenever I pop into the greengrocer, but I’m getting there.

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Same, Same…but Different – Using Print Colour Changes to Freshen Up Your T-shirts

No-one likes paying for screens, but everyone loves a new design!

Have you thought about introducing new colour combinations to your existing designs to freshen them up a bit?

Whether you’d like to revamp an older design, or just include a wider range of variation on your new designs, colour combos are a great place to start. And you’d be surprised to know that this is actually a really cost effective option to include!

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Tag…You’re It!

Here at PSI we print for all sorts of clients, and a main part of our client base is design / clothing labels. For all of our design label clients (amongst other things) we also take care of their custom tagging on the garments, this is where we include a customised tag (or tag print) on the shirts to replace the t-shirt brand tag.

But this shouldn’t be seen as something which is exclusively available to our clothing label clients. Custom tagging is a relatively inexpensive way to give a lot more credibility to your product and also to your brand as a whole, so whether you’re a Crossfit Gym, Band, Event organiser or any type of business where the garments are being resold or used for promotional purposes, custom tagging is a really important option to consider.

There are a few things to cover regarding your options with custom tagging, so let me break it down for you:

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