Hoodies Printed – Get 20% Extra FREE Hoodies When You Order Gildan Hoodies

Here’s the deal. Our offer of 10% extra hoodies for free last month generated so many orders that Gildan (the worlds biggest supplier) asked us to do it again! But here’s the sweetener. On top of the extra hoodies we offered you guys they have given us a nice little discount. Now we could be greedy and keep that all for ourselves…but being the super nice (and incredibly attractive) people we are, we decided yo pass it on to you guys!

So here it is in a nutshell – Order any Gildan 9500 (hoody) or 9000 (pullover) fleece from us before July 9 and you will get an extra 20% for free – that’s the cost of the hoodies AND printing covered by us as a gift to you! Read more