This ICONIC AS Colour t-shirt style is GOING… GOING… GONE in 2021

It’s no secret of all the custom apparel brands we print onto, AS Colour is by far the most popular option for Aussie brands and businesses. 

The AS Colour quality bare basics are the perfect combination of fashion and function in a growing range, which allows you to keep up with current trends.

As the AS Colour range develops, sometimes we need to say goodbye to some old favourites, and none has come as such a surprise as this one. 

This ICONIC AS Colour t-shirt style is GOING… GOING… GONE in 2021.

This light-weight-surf-style HERO took Australia by storm when it first hit the shelves.

In a world of thick, rough boxy ‘promo’ tees, the long line, slim fit cut of this high quality yet super soft and light cotton t-shirt was what the doctor ordered.

This shirt was the NUMBER 1 – most popular men’s t-shirt style chosen by our clients for many years.

Our factory alone printed tens of thousands of these bad boys for all sorts of Australian brands – in particular the Fitness Industry.

And soon, the AS Colour 5002 Paper Tee will be no more!

BYE BYE Paper Tee – thanks for the memories. This really is the end of an era!

But don’t stress – they do have a similar replacement style coming soon. As we learn more about the noob, we will keep you in the loop and give a full run down on what to expect.

Stock is currently selling out in all colours and sizes, and they won’t get replenished. So if you want to get your hands on some now, keep in mind there may not be all sizes and colours available.

As t-shirt trends changed over the years the Paper Tee shirt was recently overtaken in popularity by its thicker, more regular cut big brother, the AS Colour Staple Tee.

Thanks for all the memories, Paper Tee – you’ll always have a special place in our hearts. 

AS Colour has not yet officially announced this – However, there will be a replacement style available mid-2021.

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Watch this space.