Same, Same…but Different – Using Print Colour Changes to Freshen Up Your T-shirts

No-one likes paying for screens, but everyone loves a new design!

Have you thought about introducing new colour combinations to your existing designs to freshen them up a bit?

Whether you’d like to revamp an older design, or just include a wider range of variation on your new designs, colour combos are a great place to start. And you’d be surprised to know that this is actually a really cost effective option to include!

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Crowdfunding – The New Way To Fund Your New T-shirt Business?

Are you tirelessly saving enough cash to get your t-shirt label kick started? Does it feel like it will take an eternity to get the capital? Or…maybe…you want to take your brand to the next level but don’t have quite enough capital to do what you need to make it happen.

Have you considered crowdfunding?

Thats exactly what one of our clients has done to help him make it possible to see his dreams become reality. So how does it work?

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The Indespensible T-shirt Printing Guide for Designers

Imagine the number of T-shirt designs a screen printer sees in the course of a year – hundreds, if not thousands.  And with all that experience of the t-shirt design industry, just imagine the wealth of knowledge and advice we would be able to offer a new designer!

In ‘Designers’ Guide to the Apparel Printing Industry’, Adam Wagner of GoMediaZine shares some wonderful insights and tips from his interviews with representatives from five major US apparel printers, covering topics such as design trends, file preparation, printing techniques and complex designs.

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