Summer Style Highlights – 2019 / 2020

The world of apparel is ever-changing, and here at PSI Screenprinting we get a front row seat to viewing which trends are coming, which are going, and which are here to stay.


Because throughout each year we print thousands of designs, onto hundreds of different apparel brands, garment styles and colours from all around the globe.

We do this for a huge variety of Australian brands, clothing labels and businesses across all industries…which definitely keeps things interesting!

One thing we’ve noticed is that seasonal clothing trends can typically be grouped into these main categories;

 – Trending Colours
 – Garment Fit & Fabric styles
 – Print colours and placements

For this season – Summer 2019 / 2020 – here’s what we’ve gathered:

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Maximise Your Apparel Sales This Holiday Season [3 TIPS inside]

As “Silly Season” approaches, brands just like yours will fall into one of three categories:

  1. Those who already have their Summertime custom apparel sorted, and a plan in place for Christmas orders…
  2. Those who are at risk of putting this season’s designs in the “too hard basket” until 2020…
  3. Those who have already given up!

Well, we’re here to remind you that right now it’s NOT TOO LATE!
(we’re talking to YOU, category number 3!)

Check out these 3 TIPS on how to MAXIMISE your apparel sales this holiday season.

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Super soft inks for that “in the shirt” feel print.

Have you ever thrown on a nice soft t-shirt, only to be shocked with a big HEAVY plastic feeling print on it?

Have you worked out in a lightweight tank that creates an uncomfortable sweaty patch across your back cause it’s got this great big THICK print?

Nowadays there’s an undeniable preference for flowy fabric blends & high quality, super soft ring spun or combed cotton finishes. Don’t get me wrong, a heavy weight cotton tee like the AS Colour Classic Tee, The Alstyle Tee or the Gildan Hammer Tee still has its place (in streetwear & colder climates for example).

The bottom line is, when you’re wearing a nice, light, soft t-shirt you just don’t want those thick heavy prints weighing you down!

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