We’re off to find you some new goodies…any requests?

When we say we’re going to ‘scour the globe’ for the best possible apparel options and branding ideas, WE MEAN IT…and it’s all for YOU.

This week our beloved Co-Founders of PSI Screenprinting – Jodi & Joel Taylor – are heading over to Longbeach, California to check out one of the biggest Custom Apparel industry events on the planet – Impressions Expo (formerly known as ISS).


As a team, here at PSI Screenprinting we are all about continuous growth & progression – getting a bit better at what we do every day.

This ethos of improvement filters through every department of our awesome team, including Jodi & Joel, the business owners.

The Impressions Expo event is an incredible opportunity for us to gain access to priceless information, and find unique & exclusive products that we can bring back to AUS for you to use in your apparel range.

We will get to learn from inspirational Screenprinting global leaders about ways to improve production efficiencies, and how we can boost the quality of every single shirt we create for you.  

PLUS we will get to catch a glimpse of where the Apparel Industry is headed, from garment styles, trending colours, accessories to innovative new inks and production methods.

So exciting!

Here are just a few of the awesome improvements attending this event has helped us with over the years:

  • directly import exclusive USA apparel brands like Independent, Los Angeles Apparel, Alternative Apparel, Bella+Canvas, American Apparel and the full range of Next Level Apparel
  • Import the most innovative and efficient Screenprinting press on the planet – the ROQ – and ours is the first one ever to land in Australia 
  • develop new printing techniques, and explore different ink options for you to get more variety in your designs
  • understand what’s trending in the US market, like a peek through the “crystal ball” as AUS is usually a year or two behind
  • meet & learn from Industry Professionals who have a tonne of experience in producing printing quality good enough for the big global retail brands
  • PLUS HEAPS of other behind the scenes process development that’s helped make us who we are today

So – what do you want to see?

Would you like to see some exciting new apparel brands / garment styles?

Are you keen to learn about upcoming trends in colours and design aesthetics?

Do you want access to different inks and specialty artwork options for your brand?

Or ALL of the above?

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Talk soon!