Same, Same…but Different – Using Print Colour Changes to Freshen Up Your T-shirts

No-one likes paying for screens, but everyone loves a new design!

Have you thought about introducing new colour combinations to your existing designs to freshen them up a bit?

Whether you’d like to revamp an older design, or just include a wider range of variation on your new designs, colour combos are a great place to start. And you’d be surprised to know that this is actually a really cost effective option to include!

This way you can keep the total quantity of your design higher, which means you can take advantage of a lower printing price per unit, but still provide a bit of variety in your t-shirt order.

Let’s say you’re holding an event, you can use your colour combos (or ‘colourways’, as we call it) to help identify different groups of people, like volunteers and sponsors etc.

We also find that a lot of our CrossFit & other Fitness industry clients often use colourways to differentiate their coaches, from their members, and will also usually have a ‘special’ colourway reserved for their sponsored athletes. For example, you might do black + red on the COACH hoodies, and white + purple on the MEMBER hoodies.

Having a new colourway can also give your artwork a completely different look, so, get creative! Maybe introducing a different shirt / ink colour combination could help you to expand to a ladies version of your design without having to start from scratch?

You could also take advantage of a variety of specialty inks like metallic, glow in the dark, high density and foiling just to name a few! You could try out a specialty ink on just a small portion of your next run to see how it goes. If you’re not sure what we’re on about here, just give us a call and we’d love to explain all your specialty ink options over the phone.

So, how’s it done?

Really simple, basically we take your screen (usually while it’s still set-up on press), remove all the ink from your first colour option, and just clean it out and pop the new ink colour in.

Bish, bash, bosh, you’ve got yourself a new colourway!

So have a think about how you can use colourways to your advantage when designing your next range, as it can be a really powerful tool to give you more bang for your buck! Or, if you’re due for a reprint, why not give it a go?

Feel free to give us a call on 1300 853 474 if you’re ever stuck for any colourway options and we’d be happy to talk you through it or even show you some variations at the proofing stage to help you decide.