Changes from AS Colour and how it could affect you

It’s no secret that Australians love AS Colour. It’s our most popular brand for reliable, fashion forward quality blanks that speak directly to today’s market. And it’s a clear favourite for brands wanting to re-label AS Colour blanks with their own custom neck tags…

For years we’ve had the joy of easy, care-free re-labelling with every last AS Colour style – due to the way they tagged their garments.

But recently they have made one major change, and it’s going to affect the way a lot of brands do things moving forward.



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This ICONIC AS Colour t-shirt style is GOING… GOING… GONE in 2021

It’s no secret of all the custom apparel brands we print onto, AS Colour is by far the most popular option for Aussie brands and businesses. 

The AS Colour quality bare basics are the perfect combination of fashion and function in a growing range, which allows you to keep up with current trends.

As the AS Colour range develops, sometimes we need to say goodbye to some old favourites, and none has come as such a surprise as this one. 

This ICONIC AS Colour t-shirt style is GOING… GOING… GONE in 2021.

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We’re off to find you some new goodies…any requests?

When we say we’re going to ‘scour the globe’ for the best possible apparel options and branding ideas, WE MEAN IT…and it’s all for YOU.

This week our beloved Co-Founders of PSI Screenprinting – Jodi & Joel Taylor – are heading over to Longbeach, California to check out one of the biggest Custom Apparel industry events on the planet – Impressions Expo (formerly known as ISS).


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Summer Style Highlights – 2019 / 2020

The world of apparel is ever-changing, and here at PSI Screenprinting we get a front row seat to viewing which trends are coming, which are going, and which are here to stay.


Because throughout each year we print thousands of designs, onto hundreds of different apparel brands, garment styles and colours from all around the globe.

We do this for a huge variety of Australian brands, clothing labels and businesses across all industries…which definitely keeps things interesting!

One thing we’ve noticed is that seasonal clothing trends can typically be grouped into these main categories;

 – Trending Colours
 – Garment Fit & Fabric styles
 – Print colours and placements

For this season – Summer 2019 / 2020 – here’s what we’ve gathered:

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