Tag…You’re It!

Here at PSI we print for all sorts of clients, and a main part of our client base is design / clothing labels. For all of our design label clients (amongst other things) we also take care of their custom tagging on the garments, this is where we include a customised tag (or tag print) on the shirts to replace the t-shirt brand tag.

But this shouldn’t be seen as something which is exclusively available to our clothing label clients. Custom tagging is a relatively inexpensive way to give a lot more credibility to your product and also to your brand as a whole, so whether you’re a Crossfit Gym, Band, Event organiser or any type of business where the garments are being resold or used for promotional purposes, custom tagging is a really important option to consider.

There are a few things to cover regarding your options with custom tagging, so let me break it down for you:

When reselling your garments, there are a few bits and pieces that need to be included in your design.  These are:

  • Care instructions
  • Country of origin (where the shirt was manufactured)
  • Sizing

With your custom tags you have 2 main options of execution, either a physical label or a screenprinted tag on the inside of your shirts.  Let’s start with the screenprinted tag option.

Screenprinted Tags

This is where we remove both the brand and sizing tag from the inside of the shirts, and then screenprint your custom tag design on the inside of the neck.  We’ll set-up the artwork for each individual garment size, but don’t worry, we won’t charge a new screen set-up for each size.  We generally work off being able to fit 4 different tag designs on 1 screen.

If you’ve got a few different t-shirt colours involved in your order, sometimes our clients like to choose an ink colour that will work across all the garment colours to avoid any colour changeover fees, so for example, if your order has black and white tees in your order, you could choose a light grey tag print colour as that will be visible across all the shirts.

Custom Woven / Satin Tags

The second option is to have your own custom tags manufactured, a common misconception is that this is quite costly, but it really isn’t.  There are 2 main stock types available for your custom tags – woven or satin.  The satin tags are supplied printed, and the woven tags are, well, woven!

There really aren’t any ‘normal’ or ‘standard’ tag designs, you can design your custom tags to whatever size you want, either with or without fold, and with the woven tag option you can choose any colour/s for the background and the artwork itself.  The satin tags are the more cost effective option, and can be done with either double sided or single sided decoration.  These are available in black or white stock, and you’re not limited to a 1 colour design, so get creative!

When preparing your tag artwork it’s important to include the actual size of the tags, as well as allowing a 5mm sew-in area at the top (or, if your tag is to be folded, you need to add the 5mm sew-in area at the top and the bottom when you’re looking at the flat art).  It’s also good to include an indication of the fold line in your tag art, as well as any specific colour selection that you’d like to have.

And there’s no need to stick to just 1 tag either, we do decorate a lot of garments which have multiple tags attached, for example a hem pip on the bottom of the shirts, a sleeve pip, whatever you can think up!

So if you’re running your own design label, or event, or gym or anything where people are buying your branded tees, remember to find out more about custom tagging for your next print run. It can fully set you apart from your competitors and promote an image of professionalism.

If you’d like some samples of what we can do please get in touch on 1300 853 474 or contact us here