T-shirts aint T-shirts – Why Choosing Quality Blank T-shirts is Crucial

“I’m so glad I chose to print my designs on the cheapest t-shirts I could find…said no one ever!”

This something we have known for a long time but have only really shared it with people over the phone.

To see an image that really shows you side by side, the difference between a premium AS Colour t-shirt and a cheaper t-shirt, is super powerful.

Have a look below at the extra detail in the print on the AS Colour t-shirt. Look at the out of focus tyres mid way up the image. Look at the smoothness across the out of focus area at the top of the image. Look at the sharpness in the tyres at the bottom.


AS Colour Blank T-shirt Print Quality


But…There’s not only a difference in the detail achieved but also the feel of the print.

Cheaper t-shirts can leave you with a “rough” print with cotton fibres “hung up” in the ink. This can increase your chances of fibrillation, which is simply, the fibres breaking free from the print creating a “washed out” look.

Better quality t-shirts have a much smoother print surface which provides you with more detail and smoother, softer prints.

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