Hoodies Printed – Get 20% Extra FREE Hoodies When You Order Gildan Hoodies

Here’s the deal. Our offer of 10% extra hoodies for free last month generated so many orders that Gildan (the worlds biggest supplier) asked us to do it again! But here’s the sweetener. On top of the extra hoodies we offered you guys they have given us a nice little discount. Now we could be greedy and keep that all for ourselves…but being the super nice (and incredibly attractive) people we are, we decided yo pass it on to you guys!

So here it is in a nutshell – Order any Gildan 9500 (hoody) or 9000 (pullover) fleece from us before July 9 and you will get an extra 20% for free – that’s the cost of the hoodies AND printing covered by us as a gift to you!

You might remember we showed you a little bit of maths to demonstrate how much better it is for you to get more for free than a straight up discount. Here it is again with the 20% extra free factored in…

You order 50 hoodies from us. Lets say they cost you $25 ea all up. In this case you would get an extra 10 (20%) hoodies at no charge. So you save $250 on your order. But here’s the best bit…

With a discount thats where it ends you just get your gear for less. But here you have 10 extra hoodies you can sell. So you sell them for $50 ea. On those 10 extra hoodies you make $500.

Add that to the $250 you have saved getting them printed and all up you come out $750 ahead.

I’ll take that over a percentage discount any day!! It makes it a no brainer. You’d be crazy to pass up $750 bucks!!

We can only offer this until the 9th of July so what we need you to do is…

Place your order now with 20PERCENTFREEHOODS in the “Discount Code” (I feel bad calling it that now…its so much better for you than a discount) box. If you need a quote prior to placing your order just reply to this email with the details.

When you place your order just order what you need and we will be in touch to organise your extra hoodies and which sizes you want for them.

We look forward to keeping you and your peeps out of the cold this winter.

P.S. – Why don’t you let all your crew on Facebook know about it too. You can find us here