Our new website is live!

Welcome to our new and majorly improved website

It was the Autumn of 2007, the first ever Apple iPHONE was about to drop, 1st Generation iPhoneMichael Buble’s album “Call Me Irresponsible” was at number 1, and PSI Screenprinting launched their first ever real deal WEBSITE!

We officially graduated from the “yellow pages” to “online” and we were ready to PRINT…if you’re feeling nostalgic, get the full run down on Our Story 🙂

Our site was gaining a heap of traction (being one of the first t-shirt screenprinters visible on the internet at the time).

People were loving it! Honestly we would get complimented each week on how our clients felt so comfortable, from being able to get a feel for our ethos and screen printing expertise online first.

A few years passed, all the other screenprinters in Australia followed suit and soon virtually every small business in the nation had their very own online presence!

After a few years we started to feel like our website just wasn’t representing us in the best way – it was text heavy and not exactly ‘on trend’.

But…we had a LOT of t-shirts to print…

A couple more years passed, the site became more obviously outdated… so we bit the bullet and started working on getting our NEW SITE off the ground!

Truth is, we were rocking the same old website for longer than John Howard was in office! Yeah… AGES. But let’s refrain from getting political, shall we?

You see, we believe that when you come to our site, it has to look, feel and function in line with the whole experience we deliver to you…leaving no stone un-turned.

You might be thinking, new site? Big deal…

What difference does this make to you?

Well, to put it simply our new website also brings a strong focus on sharing quality facts, creative ideas, tools and resources about custom apparel which we’ll be developing JUST FOR YOU.

So here we are – new year, new site – and we are absolutely stoked to say the least!

Big shout out goes to the team at Webprofits who have done an impeccable job developing our new look 🙂

Have a look around and let us know what you think here

Be in touch soon!

PSI Screenprinting Team