Our wholesale t-shirt printing is taking off!!


wholesale t-shirt printingWe have always been able to do bulk t-shirt printing but we have recently been able to invest in some innovative screen printing equipment that has given us the ability to print more of these wholesale jobs, faster

and at lower prices.

This means that if you have a t-shirt printing job of more than 250 pcs (sometimes even less) you can benefit from these reduced prices.

We have been inundated with these bulk runs in the last couple of months and are currently booked right through to early November.

Here is an example of the clients we have been printing for and the quantities they have been doing to take advantage of the wholesale pricing…

Monash University 10,000 Steps Challenge – 2000 t-shirts – 2 colour front + 1 colour back
Cable Chick – 2000 t-shirts – 2 colour front + 1 colour back
Middletons – 900 t-shirts – 1 colour – front, back and lower back
Flint Clothing – 2100 t-shirts – 7 designs
Relient K – 1152 t-shirts – 2 designs
Red Frogs – 2000 t-shirts + 300 hoodies – 2 col front + 1 col back + 1 col sleeve
Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council Kick the Habit campaign – 500 t-shirts – 3 colour
Dot Dot Dash – COON Cheese – 1000 t-shirts + 10 Aprons – 4 colour front + 3 colour back

By taking advantage of this innovation you can save up to 20% on you printing costs.

So just get in touch with us if you want to know more about how you can save on your t-shirt printing.