Where else can I print other than the front?

To get a great print result, we basically just need to have access to a flat surface area, and a single layer of fabric.  The most common print placements are front, left or right breast ‘pocket’, sleeves and anywhere on the back.  We can sometimes extend to over seams or zips, depending on your garment style and your artwork.

How do I get a really soft feeling print?

The best way to achieve a super soft ‘in the shirt’ feel to your print is by using our specialty discharge and waterbased inks.  Your Apparel Consultant will go through what sort of print finish you prefer – and guide you to the best solution for your design and garment selection.

Can you print special inks ie Puffs, Foils etc?

Yes absolutely!  Have a look at our specialty printing section and learn a bit more about your options!  You can go over any options you’re considering with your Apparel Consultant.

What is the maximum amount of colours you can print?

Our highly trained Artwork Department have a few different ways of preparing your specialty high colour designs.  Sometimes this means being able to achieve ‘full colour’ using not many colours.  Our state of the art equipment allows us to print up to 11 solid colours maximum.  Send your design ideas through to your Apparel Consultant, and they can assess the best way to achieve it!