Why do I have to pay set-up fees?

Don’t worry – it’s not a made up fee!  There are so many steps involved in getting your design on screen and ready to print.  From preparing the separations of the artwork, to coating the screens, exposing your design onto each screen, and getting each colour to line up perfectly on the machine before we go to print.  These steps are what you’re covering in your initial set-up fee.

What are your quantity brackets?

As we’re set-up for bulk production, our minimum print run is 50 per design.  The quantity brackets for printing are:
50-99 // 100-249 // 250-499 // 500-749 // 750-999 // 1000-1499 and so on.

When do I have to make payment?

Depending on your total order value, and the brand of garments you’d like to use, some orders will either require a 50% deposit upfront or full payment due within 5 days.  Your Apparel Consultant will let you know what to expect.

Once I’ve paid set-up fees, do those screens belong to me?

What you’re covering in your set-up fees is the preparation of the screens and exposure of your design onto them, as they are all eventually recycled.  The full cost of purchasing the screens would be around 2.5 times our standard screen set-up fees.