Can I get a sample of each size to try on?

For sure!  This is a great solution for our clients who are using a new garment style, or want to accept pre-orders from specific individuals.  Make sure you have plenty of additional time ahead of your final deadline to allow for this – your Apparel Consultant can help you figure it all out.

How do I order blank samples?

Just have a chat with your Apparel Consultant and they will organise your blank sample order for you!

How do I make sure it’s the right garment?

Your Apparel Consultant will give you detailed advice regarding the garment options during your Consultation.  Once you’ve narrowed down the options, you can either decide on your style using the online catalogue information, or you’re welcome to purchase blank samples before placing your order.

Do the different fabric types affect the print?

Yes they can – some fabric types may affect the overall look of your print, depending on the type of ink you use.  As there are quite a few variables to consider, during your Consultation we’ll give you specific advice based on your particular design and the style of garments you’d like to print/