Easy, stress-free,
custom t-shirt Printing

PSI Screen Printing is Brisbane’s ultimate custom t-shirt printing company. We offer our customers a complete printing and design service. You can quickly have your logo, slogan, branding or imagery printed tastefully on high quality t-shirts as well as a whole range of wearing apparel such as tanks, singlets, hoodies, sweaters, caps, hats, beanies, tote bags, tea towels & many more.

In fact, we can place your brand on almost any textile clothing items using our state of the art screen printing techniques. We offer the latest, well proven printing methods incorporating highly advanced long lasting anti-fade inks  at very competitive prices to suit all sizes of businesses and budgets, from individuals and small corner stores to multinational companies.

Our dedicated and highly trained team of professionals will work with you to ensure we meet all your individual needs and requirements. We will help you discover the best and most cost effective design solutions for your unique business that will get your message across and help to boost your sales and profits.

When you get in touch you will be assigned your own personal apparel consultant who will help you find the right solutions – so you don’t need to worry about all the fiddly details. By using our complete concept design and printing service team, we will take your printed t-shirt design idea to a whole new level, one that perfectly matches your unique requirements and suits your budget.

Why custom T-shirt printing is good for your business

There a quite a few great reasons why printed t-shirts are good for your business, whether you decide on using conventional t-shirts, polo shirts, singlets & tanks for the Summer – or sweaters, track pants, hoodies & other fleece items for the colder months, some of these reasons are:

  • Custom printed t-shirts look professional

When people see your staff wearing their custom t-shirts, it shows that they are part of your company team; it inspires confidence, while helping to identify them, promoting better customer relations and service. A smart looking custom printed t-shirt as a uniform tends to elevate your business status to another level in your customer’s eyes and shows your professionalism

  • Show off your unique brand

Creating custom apparel is a great opportunity to show off your unique and distinctive brand or logo, so take the opportunity to share your unique flair and story. Your personal apparel consultant will be able to help you pick a theme and design that tastefully, shouts to people, just who you and your team are and what your business is all about.

Of course, if you’re after a basic option, or cost effective promo quality level – we can offer a huge range of options for you to mix, match and choose from. Your apparel consultant is there to help you understand what options are available, the pros and cons for each so that you can make an informed decision.

Walking Advertisements for Your company

Using custom t-shirts printed with your company branding or message as a promotional giveaway is a fantastic way to increase customer and brand loyalties. It’s a fact that everyone likes to receive quality, well made and useful stuff, and there is no doubt that a t-shirt is useful. Every time they wear it, they become a walking billboard for your brand and increase your market visibility.

Having an interesting logo or company branding on a giveaway, custom t-shirt can spark interest and conversations that are to your advantage, an exercise in brand recognition will give you an ongoing return on your investment for many years to come.

Custom t-shirt printing is not only for clothing brands either, many small Australian businesses across a broad range of industries are adding an additional income stream by selling good quality, fashionable custom apparel to their clients and followers.

Once you have handed out custom printed t-shirts to your loyal customers, and are using them as a legitimate marketing strategy, you’ll find is very cost effective. Compared with the cost of TV, radio, billboard and newspaper advertising which all have a very short coverage time, a custom printed t-shirt can spread your message for months or even years making them a very effective way of allocating your marketing budget and quickly spreading your message

Why custom T-shirt printing is good for your team

When your team all wear the same uniform in the form of a custom printed t-shirt, it creates a sense of pride amongst the team and saves them time, as there is no need to make decisions on what to wear each day.

  • Happy staff

Custom printed t-shirts are one of the best casual uniforms for employees in a company. They are comfortable, easy to wear and clean, maintaining a set, but neat, standard for everyone. There is no problem with anyone standing out because they are under or over dressed and it stops people feeling they need to compete or impress in the workplace.

  • Easy to Recognise

All your staff are easy to recognise, even at a distance when wearing a standard uniform, both for other employees and for customers, avoiding any chance of embarrassment and confusion. A uniform adds a layer of security, preventing strangers from infiltrating your business and causing security problems. This becomes more important as your business grows or is working in different locations.  How are your team representing your brand when they are on site or facing potential customers?

  • Increased Productivity

Everyone is on a more equal footing when everyone has a similar dress standard; it tends to cause fewer distractions in the workplace and helps to increase total productivity while also reducing downtime. People feel more inclined not to slack off and let the rest of the team down as they feel united and closer to each other

  • Enhanced Team Spirit

Many companies now like to send their employees to coaching workshops and encourage them to get involved in local social activities. Having your employees wearing matching printed, custom t-shirts showing your branding and business name is a great way to enhance their team spirit, while showing your company’s support for local community social events and programs.

When you encourage a good healthy rivalry within your team and against other similar businesses such as fun sports events and family days coupled with awesomely printed t-shirts you can create an impressive display that attracts customers and leaves a lasting positive impression of your branding on people’s minds. You build a reputation of having a great team of employees which in turn can create a lot of public trust and future goodwill for your brand.

Having happy, contented staff will quickly spread the word which increases your bottom line, profitability and your employee’s job security. A priceless combination that you can gain through a relatively small investment in well designed quality printed, custom t-shirts, which are, in fact, walking billboards, allowing your brand to reach audiences it could not reach any other way.