Folding and bagging for cents per t-shirt?

Do you know what 100 t-shirts looks like?  Might seem like an odd question…But if you don’t, chances are you’ll be keen to learn how you can get folding and bagging for only CENTS per t-shirt.

When you start out creating your custom apparel for the first time, you might not have thought ahead about how you’ll store the garments, and more importantly how you’ll distribute them out to your customers or your team. 

Coming up with a solution for storage and distribution is a totally normal part of the apparel journey, however it is something which is often left to “work out as you go along”…and can ending up costing a lot of time and effort in double handling.

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RAMO Winter Style Highlights

In the past 2 – 3 years, RAMO as a brand have seriously stepped up their game in 2 worlds;

Fitness Apparel, and Hoodies!

We are so stoked about this as their fresh approach & unique styles are really gaining traction.

Best of all, this gives you some options which are a little more stylised towards the ever popular fitness niche.

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Gildan & Anvil – Winter Style Highlights

The odds of you already owning a Gildan hoody are pretty darn high – particularly if you’ve ever bought band merch at a gig!

Known as the workhorse of the Blank Apparel world, Gildan have a great range of reliable Winter stock items to keep you warm.

Another brand which you may not be so familiar with is Anvil – their styles are very popular over in the USA & we just love a few of their key unique pieces.

Here are a few gems that are worth an ‘honourable mention’;

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AS Colour – Winter Styles We Love

We love these AS Colour Hoodies and Winter Styles

Hailing from chilly NZ, you’d think these guys would need to stay on the top of their game when it comes to Winter Apparel, right?

Well yeah, you’d be right – and the AS Colour Hoodies and fleece range certainly does not disappoint!

Whether you’re looking for a hoody, crew neck sweater or zip hoody, these guys have plenty of options to suit.

Here’s a guide to some of our favourite styles for Winter 2017.

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